Ender 3 V2. Z Jump issue

  • Hi all,

    I have an Ender 3 V2 which I've been using perfectly out of the box for a month. I purchased it with a BLTouch which I didn't install at first because it was printing so perfectly.

    I decided I would do it recently and since then, on taller prints, I get a very odd problem. I witness the printer finishing a layer but instead of moving up the layer height and carrying on, it went up about 2-3cm in one go and carried on printing. Thus making the print fail.

    I've resliced the stl in Prusa and Cura. Installed the new 4.2.7 motherboard with lots of different firmware tests and replaced the extruder cable all of which were suggested to me but it's still doing it.

    Any thoughts on this and what might cause it?

    My next try is to remove the BLTouch, revert back to original firmware and see if that solves it. But I'd rather move forward than back!

    Thanks in advance.

    The Print Butler

  • @theprintbutler Do you mean 2-3cm or mm? Just thinking if it's mm could be caused by flats on the axis guide rollers or them being over tight.

  • first establish whether the printer works fine with original firmware.
    Also "initialize eeprom" after each flashing of different firmware.
    This initializing will overwrite old values from old firmware with the new values from new firmware in eeprom storage.

    If you have a bedleveling mesh stored , this will stay and not be overwritten so you won't have to relevel each time you flash firmware or print a model. You can always activate or deactivate the bed leveling function from menu. have you tried with it deactivated / activated to see if it makes any difference ?

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