Wire replacement thickness for control box

  • Hello,

    I am planning to replace the thick internal wiring in my cr-10s, and maybe the bed wire.
    I already had one burnout of the wire leading to the bed in the past with the stock wire.
    What would be an improved wire thickness to buy as a replacement?

  • @spawnreaper the more flexible cables tend to be silicon insulated and have lots of thin copper stands rather than fewer thick ones. Downside is silicon is easily damaged by sharp edges. Some of the heavy duty speaker cables are pretty flexible. The speaker cable I have feels like pvc and has around 75 strands. It's pretty flexible considering its cross sectional area. I don't have a party number I'm afraid. Too many unknowns to specify something for you and don't want to be responsible for getting it wrong.

  • Thank you for the reply. Its difficult to figure out the flexibility of a wire when shopping online. Do you have a link maybe of the wire and type that is used in the cr-10?

  • @spawnreaper You should find the stock wire adequate for the current being drawn. If it burns out then it should be down to a problem. Either the load (bed or extruder) draws too much current or more likely a connection point becomes loose which raises resistance causing a localised temperature increase. There's a lot of factors when sizing cable, not just current. Derating, insulation type and flexibility in this case all need to be considered. Also if course any existing connectors, no point getting a thicker gauge cable if it doesn't fit in the connector. RS sell hundreds of different wire types and usually supply good datasheets to help selection of a suitable replacement.

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