Brittle Prints

  • brittle print.png I just received my 3rd CR-6 se printer (obviously love them). My very first print printed brittle .... pieces broke off while printing. My other 2 printers work just fine.

    My first thought, as I'd loaded a brand new reel of filament, was that it was bad filament. So I swapped it out for some that I'd been printing with, without issue. That was not it. Still brittle.

    My 2nd thought was that it was the nozzle. I checked the nozzle on printer #1, and it was HUGE in comparison (and the filament that extruded when loading new filament was also much more diameter). So I thought "OK, this is a .25mm nozzle or something". But I'd bought a pack of .4 nozzles and compared them .... it was a .4 nozzle in printer #3. Somehow I'd received printer #1 with a larger diameter nozzle in it. I'm not even sure what the diameter is, but I'd guess it's at least .6, more likely 1.0. Sheesh! I've been using that nozzle on printer #1, with a CURA setting of .4mm nozzle. Printed great!

    So I put the larger nozzle in printer #3 and tried again, still using what I knew to be good filament. Same result ..... brittle print.

    So it's not the filament, it's not the nozzle.

    What - machine specific - can cause items to print brittle? Is there a tweak I can make to the machine to fix it or do I have to return it?

    Please help. I'll supply more information if requested. I'm still a relative newbie ... got my first printer in December 2020, 2nd one in Feb 2021, and 3rd one in March. First 2 work great. Beyond filament or nozzle, I'm clueless as to what to even look for.![0_1615818851256_20210315_103206[1].jpg](Uploading 4%)

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  • This skrew is connected to a small spring, used to hold a plastic peace where the big spring used by the extruder is placed.tightening this skrew is not too important

  • This screw is loose. I can't tighten it, can't get it out - even with a magnet.

    I started a smaller print job on printer #3. I noticed while watching it put down the first layer, that it was sort of "skipping" small areas and it sounded like there were air bubbles in the filament in the hot end.

    Thinking it might be the filament feed, I checked that and found the screw loose (no jokes, please <g>). What to do to tighten this?

    filament feeder screw.png

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