Infill vibration issue.

  • Ok so still having this really odd issue.

    Halfway through a print and always on the infill the hot end starts grating across the print and sets up vibration to the point I have to stop the print.
    It doesn't do it on the walls or details always on the fill.

    The bed is level (4 times)
    All the bolts are tight.
    Estep calibrated
    Z hop enabled and disabled.
    Decreased Z-offset to check level/height and the brim went all stringy and not squished together and had the same problem.
    Increased fill from 20% to 50%, same issue.
    Printed in different sections of the bed.

    Always the same problem, always only on the fill.

    side image
    alt text
    alt text

    Trying to post photos but not sure I can.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

  • Dear @powerlines2000

    In order to better serve our users and solve their after-sales problems in a timely manner,
    our technical team has created an official after-sales platform:

    For after-sales issues with Creality products, please move to the official after-sales channel, where we have the professional after-sales staff to deal with your after-sales issues in real-time.

    Below is the official after-sales channel portal, if you have any after-sales issues, please contact us on this platform. Thank you for your support.

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