Extrusion problem Cr-10s

  • Hi, I have a somewhat strange problem with my cr10s. Basically it's been a while since I have to raise the temperatures more than normal to print. For example, I used to print pla with temperatures ranging from 195 ° C to 205 ° C, now I have to print them starting from 210 ° C and for some pla I have to even get to 235.
    I noticed that, using an infrared thermometer, while the printer marks 235 ° C the aluminum block does not go beyond 194 ° C. I also tried to replace the thermistor, resistor and fan but nothing has changed.

    since I have this problem, in the same print I have over-extrusion and under-extrusion problems. I also had to increase the extrusion multiplier, but the problem remains

    also, the filament doesn't seem to melt right away (obviously) but it takes too long. it seems to be blocked but then it starts to leak. I have never cared for these problems.

    if I try to push the material, at first it seems to come out well, but after few centimeters it starts coming out more slowly. the extruder seems to be unable to heat the material. also, the filament comes back when I leave it, as if there is a pressure increase. i've tried also with brand new pla. before this problems i can print also asa, now is impossible.

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