Try to approach perfection!

  • Hello !
    The Ender 3 Max printer COULD BE a good machine ...

    Points of vigilance or improvement:

    • try to be more rigorous in the manufacture of motherboards ... My printer is theoretically equipped with a v4.2.2 card (this is what is indicated on the electronic circuit of the MB!). The only solution I found to make it work pretty much was to compile a firmware from the Marlin 2.0 files, based on a v4.2.7 card!
    • ABANDON the mechanical contact limit switches, use magnetic sensors more reliable and not realy more much expensive!
    • Work on the plate supporting the bed, and especially on its adjustment system which is more the reflection of a handyman than that of an industrialist !!! The pseudo plastic springs: it's a shame !!!
      All it would take is a metal plate supporting the bed and a Hall sensor on the print head to put an end to that painful bed leveling! maybe $ 5 ... certainly much less in China ....

    Make these improvements and you will be close to perfection ... 🙂

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