Ender 5 Plus Levelling - Need HELP!

  • Hey all, I just purchased an Ender 5 Plus and am having a hell of a time getting the bed leveled to even start printing anything. I followed the Creality youtube videos where you take the bed off and rotate the Z axis all the way to the top then lower to 150, put the bed on, blah blah blah. Issue I have is there is like 10 inches between the bed and the nozzle.

    When you got to "levelling" it does its thing with the X and Y axis then moves onto the Z axis and does so movement leveling with the BL Touch, then the bed moves down slightly and then poceeds to move up and slam into the nozzle and print head!

    I have to turn off the power switch at this point otherwise it still wants to move upwards.

    Any help, guidance, suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • This should fix it. 3 mins into the video.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSOVAdKw4ss

    Bst T

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