Ender 5 Plus Levelling - Need HELP!

  • Hey all, I just purchased an Ender 5 Plus and am having a hell of a time getting the bed leveled to even start printing anything. I followed the Creality youtube videos where you take the bed off and rotate the Z axis all the way to the top then lower to 150, put the bed on, blah blah blah. Issue I have is there is like 10 inches between the bed and the nozzle.

    When you got to "levelling" it does its thing with the X and Y axis then moves onto the Z axis and does so movement leveling with the BL Touch, then the bed moves down slightly and then poceeds to move up and slam into the nozzle and print head!

    I have to turn off the power switch at this point otherwise it still wants to move upwards.

    Any help, guidance, suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • I fixed it on my Ender 5 Plus.
    Here's what you need to check if you are having the same problem. You likely installed your BL Touch correctly but there is something that might jack the whole thing up. Make sure the extended sensor stem isn't bent even slightly because if it is, gravity won't let it effortlessly extend.
    Make sure by disconnecting your BL Touch. Fully unplug it so there's no power to it.
    Manually extend the sensor stem and then hold it upside down and see if it falls. If it doesn't fall, that is your problem.
    It likely has a slight bend in the stem. Just straighten it out with your fingers using just the tiniest bit of force until it falls by itself when held upside down.

  • This should fix it. 3 mins into the video.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSOVAdKw4ss

    Bst T

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