Start up issues for a noob

  • Hi All.
    I am new here so first off i'd like to say hi to all from the north of scotland.

    This is my second 3D printer the Ender 5 Plus.
    I got it as a refurb unit from Comgrow.
    However try as i might i just cannot get it to print as clean and nice as my ender 3 V2.
    i have been chasing retraction and flow settings but cannot get it dialed in.
    I have been through all the steps on teaching tech on github to no avail.
    still the outer walls are rough as anything.
    only upgrade i've done is silent board and capricorn tubbing.
    I have attached a pic of the rough finish (Does this with all my filaments not just this one)
    if someone could point me in some direction i would be most grateful.

    Sliced in Cura
    Pink silk PLA at 215 Degreed
    Bed Temp 60 Degrees
    40 speed.
    12mm retraction (Best i could get to get rid of stringing)
    50mm/s retraction speed
    flow at 110%
    Z Hop at .4
    2mm layer height

    IMG_20210311_185701698.jpg IMG_20210311_185642601.jpg

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