Ender 5 Plus Part Cooling Fan

  • Old guy new to all of this.

    I have had the printer for 3 weeks. I'm impressed by the way it is put together. There are a few small build quality problems that were overcome and started the learning curve that comes with 3D printing. Bed leveling an ongoing problem; several prints stopped after the first layer but ended up with a complete rabbit. And if I do say so an impressive rabbit.

    My current problem is that I have noticed the Parts Cooling Fan has stopped running. The fan works with a separate power supply but no power from the control board in print mode. Firmware or board failure? Would appreciate feedback.

    I will read all of the leveling comments in the forum. It seems to not come back to the same place twice when leveling.

    PS Meanwell power supply, Firmware Ver 1.70.2bl

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