New Firmware 08 Mar, 2021

  • Hello Everyone,
    I've recently installed the newest firmware offered on the creality website and I'm having a few issues I cant seem to resolve.
    For starters it boots in Chinese, I can get it to switch over to English for a while then it swaps and stays in Chinese, even after rebooting it.
    Second, the printer hot end and bed seem to just be heating up as soon as I turn it on with nothing asking if I want to preheat or anything, on top of this I keep getting a pop up message asking if I wish to cool the bed. I'll hit yes but then the screen freezes on me and nothing happens leaving me with no choice but to power down and try all over again.
    I've installed the right firmware for the system I have which is an Ender 3 v2 4.2.7
    I've even tried with and without the Bl_Touch options.
    At this point I am stuck and have no idea what to do now

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