CP-01 Tutorials

  • Are there any tutorials on how to use the 3 modules in a more advanced way. The 3D printer is good and I use Cura with no issue. The problem i am having is with the Laser and CNC software. It is very limited and I do not see any tutorials on how to laser cut, engrave with Laser or CNC on different materials. I see other 3 in 1 printers with so many tutorials and the only thing i see for the CP-01 is how to set up. Any help or any suggestions on where I can go to get better software?

  • @Fishing_phil Hello;

    I am new on 3d printing. I have recently bought cp-01. I have tried 3d printing and results are good. But I need to make my own PCB's and this was why I have bought cp-01. In recent days I am trying to use FlatCAM to engrave my pcb's with CNC. I export gerber files from proteus. Doing settings on flatCam. But I could not change cutting speed anyway. I have tried many values for feed rate option but nothing changed.

    I need your help for firstly this PCB issue.

    And another question: Can we use laser engraving for PCB producting?

    Thank you so much.

  • @rickysol Hi
    Have you had any luck with Laser & CNC?
    I have been printing PCBs fairly successfully for a while.
    Let me know if you still need help

  • @rickysol I've had the same issues...Still have buyer's remorse!

  • Dear @rickysol

    You can view the Creality website, in the download page, find CP-01, there is a PDF file, that will help


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