print wont stick to glassbed

  • Hello

    I'm a real noob in 3d printing. I got my first 3d printer feb 16 2021.
    Now i have a problem. My prints are not sticking to de glassbed, what ever i try.
    The front part wil not stick. And after a couple of runs in lets loose completly

    I print with pla,
    Nozzle @210c
    Bed @ 65c

    I leveld the bed cleaned it with aclohol.
    Bud when i print with geeetch pla it runs fine.

    Has someone advice for me

  • @jax200 It is a setting available in most slicers.
    In Cura it is here:-

  • @admin I also add "Pray" to these steps as a beginner. ; )

  • @Mountaindale Could I ask (as a beginner) how to slow down the speed for the first few layers?

  • @Arthemius The resolution was simple, I just set the Z-Axis offset closer to the bed and ran another test print (only have to wait for the first layer). Repeat until thickness is correct. I am printing onto an uneven surface (magnetic bed is textured) so stopped tweaking when I got to 0.3mm height which has been very reliable ever since.
    Not sure if you have a Z Offset if you don't have a BL touch. If that's the case I'd adjust the height with the levelling wheels. Fraction of a turn on each.

  • @BobB

    Hey Bob,

    You said ‘ The paper under nozzle method for me resulted in a layer height around 0.4mm at which point my success was 50/50.’
    I have exactly the same problem, perfectly leveled bed and then the gap gets bigger when my printer starts printing...
    Have you solved this issue?

  • @tarpa In addition to tweaking temperatures (I run 215° & 60° for PLA) also try measuring the thickness of the first layer. It should match the slicer setting. You'll need a micrometer or callipers to be accurate. Mine reads a little thicker than it should @ 0.3mm (0.2mm set in slicer). But so far always sticks and I put the 0.3mm down to the slightly bumpy surface of my magnetic print bed. The paper under nozzle method for me resulted in a layer height around 0.4mm at which point my success was 50/50.
    For smaller parts or those with less surface contact you might also try printing with a brim.

  • A really good website for beginners (I'm one as well) has been "Teaching Tech" ( and especially their Calibration section. Is it only the Geetch filament that is not sticking? You might need to use a higher bed temp and/or slow down your print speed, especially on the first few layers. I also have a glass bed and only one print has ever completely broken loose, which was resolved by tweaking temps and speeds.

  • Dear @tarpa

    1、Clean the platform carefully. 2、Check if the platform is leveled. 3、Try other supplies to print to see if the problem is due to supplies. 4、 Apply solid adhesive or paste the paper

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