Ender-2 Firmware

  • Hi All:

    I just acquired a Ender-2 from my father inlaw when he passed that he had sitting in a box. I've done a few prints with a some great results. However, it seems the settings do not save across boots and the printer doesn't seem to listen to the speed settings set in Cura. I assume it might be due to the old firmware? I don't know how long it has been sitting in a box. However, I can find very little information on the Ender-2 for some reason. Most searches returned stuff for the Ender-3. I understand the memory on this board is minimal and needs a reduced marlin firmware size. Does anybody have any good sources of recent firmware that works on the Ender-2 and has good results? I probably don't know enough to compile from sources.


  • Smurf,

    Has anyone helped you sort this out?

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