CR-6 SE S3D Profile for Community FW from v5

  • Hello everybody.

    I am offering a Simplify3D profile for the CR-6 SE, which is tailored to the community FW.

    I have now played with the community FW for the CR-6 SE for some time and since there are no suitable profiles for Simplify 3D on the web, or I'm just too blind :-), I built one myself with many test prints.

    I would like to spare some people that and make it available here as a profile. This means that everyone can still make their own fine-tuning (depending on the filament, etc.). But this way you can start with S3D without any problems, even with the community FW.

    The community FW is much better done than the original current, is "only" English, but who needs a lot of English knowledge, that's all!

    I adapted the G-Code to the firmware at the start and at the end and also pushed the presentation of the finished workpiece forward, so you don't have to pull the heated bed forward after printing.

    Link to the community firmware:
    Community FW CR-6 SE

    (Please note that this profile must be adapted with the original FW in the G-Code)

    Have fun with it.

    Here the Simplify3D Profile: CR-6 SE Simplify3D Profile

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