[Ender 3Pro] V4.2.7 + BLTouch + firmware 1.1.2 : Z axe don't go down after autohome

  • Hi there,

    I purchased and installed silent board 4.2.7 and creality BLTouch 3.1.
    After installation and firmware update to Ender-3 Pro- Marlin2.0.1 - V1.1.2 - BLTouch - TMC2225.bin, when I try to process BLTouch configuration by starting an autohome, the Z axes do not go down, only up.

    If I do not execute autohome after firmware update, I can move z axes UP and DOWN.

    Can you help me to find the correction to my issue ?

    Thanks !


  • I had same issue with 4.2.2 board. And downgraded to 1.1.1 and still the same.
    Seems I had poor connection on the board side of the cable. I reseated the connector to the mainboard couple times and now it started working.

  • Same issue with Ender 3 V2 V4.2.2 + BLTouch + firmware 1.1.2 (downloaded from https://www.creality.com/download )

    just installed the BLtouch and updated the FW and I cannot make any leveling because Z doens't move down.
    Also with manual move it only moves up.

  • @admin
    The BLTouch goes up and down. The issue is about the z-axe : the head can go up but never down; The autohome does not move verticaly.

  • Dear @Armel

    It may be a problem with BL-touch, the middle of the needle does not pop out, you can try to repair the BL-touch or to replace

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