What causes this?

  • What causes this type of blobby/wavy line? This is the initial layer. Other layers do it, too, but sporadically. One entire layer might be like that, the next one fine. Or one area of an item be like that for one or more layers, other areas fine and smooth.

    Any help appreciated.20210319_104038.jpg

  • This is slicer problem. the first layer should be slow like 20 / 25 mm/s and which one do you use for silcer cura ideamaker purusa ?

  • @ccox
    Delayed response:

    Is there a non-technical (motherboard, electrical, etc - too inexperienced to tackle those) way to fix this? I returned the one printer that was doing that. I never could get a good print out of it. I've started having the issue intermittently now on another printer (I have 3 of them - all CR-6 se). I'm scared of adding/changing parts, and I don't know how to calibrate my extruder.

    Is it easy to fix? If so, how?


  • Underextrusion, or you have the wrong nozzle width set in your slicing program.

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