Temp test Fail ... Help Please!

  • Hello,

    I been having a hell of a hard time with a Hemera upgrade on my Ender 3 V2. I am completely lost. i tried to run the Temp test from Teaching Tech. and below is what i get. i have gone through all of their calibration test and not one has worked correctly. Any help?

    Bed: 60 deg C
    Segement E : 225 deg C
    Segement D : 215 deg C
    Segement C : 205 deg C
    Segement B : 195 deg C
    Segement A : 185 deg C
    First Layer : 200 deg C

    Part Cooling: 100% fan from layer 2

    ABL: Probe new mesh at the start of print - G29 (BLtouch,EZABL,etc)

    Retraction distance: 0.6 mm
    Retraction speed: 40 mm/sec

    temp test.jpg

  • Is your retraction distance 0.6mm or 6mm? I have mine set to 6

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