Firmware Update fail on Ender 5 Pro with 4.2.2. board

  • Hi,
    I have an Ender 5 Pro with board version 4.2.2 - that's the 32 bit version with the STM32F103. It came with Creality's firmware 1.0.1, the one for endstops. After installing a Creality BLTouch, I somehow managed to flash the appropriate BLTouch-firmware 1.1.1 via the SD-card (.bin file) after several tries. But since that, I cannot flash any other .bin file anymore, it just boots straight to the ender-spash on the screen without delay (i.e. ignoring the .bin on the card). Anybody have an idea how to otherwise flash a different firmware, perhaps via STLink? I would like to roll back to the endstops-version, since the BLTouch is really some crap and my prints no longer work.

  • @BerndNW18 The BL Touch is brilliant when it is set up but the setting up takes time and patience.
    To reliably update firmware ALWAYS reformat the card and rename the .bin file to something different. If the name doesn't change the file gets ignored.

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