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  • I am trying to get a Creality CR-10 Max to work for a friend. I know very little about 3D printers. The problem is the control not reading my SD card. I have tried all the different types of files that the manual says are supported and have still never seen any files on any of the 5 pages of the print screen. From reading some other posts I think it might be the micro SD card I'm using. I just bought a cheap 128gb SanDisk from Walmart. I've seen some posts saying the SD card size needs to be 16gb or smaller or that it could be that the SanDisk is too old/cheap. Any insight would be appreciated.

  • @cherrykaleb Its not the SD card. Its the size I have noticed that SD cards over 32 GB can not be formatted to fat32 and the files you want to print need to be in the root dir. Try that to see if that helps.

  • @cherrykaleb I noticed when file names are too long they do not show up on the printer even though the files exist on the sd card. Try giving the file a name that is only 5 letters or so. I have not tested how many letters are needed in the name before the file is not displayed on the printer but will test. What did you find out about the sd card at this point?

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