CR-200B Teething issues

  • Hi here is a new owner of a CR200B (one week owner), but I have a few questions after playing around for a week:

    I hooked up octopi to control the printer... which runs brilliant, but have some issues/questions...

    The temperuture data is reported double, which is kind of a pain.... The fix as reported on the octopi forum only fixes it once every lines... Can you please fix the firmware?

    Secondly M140 S0 doesn't disable the bed heater; it sets the set temperature to 0, causing the printer to remain in an always trying to cool state as it will never reach 0 at room temperature and never finish the print... Is there a custom code required to finish the print job? Now the code hangs on M140 S0 and won't accept a M85 / M81 to shutdown the machine after reaching a sufficiently low temperature....

    Lastly, is it possible to disable the 5VDC+ over the serial? Is there a jumper setting of a software setting that allows for that? Taping the pin in the USB just ain't right

    We are running the as shipped firmware? Many thanks!

  • Dear @579-Peter

    1, M140 S0 means the temperature of the hot bed is set to 0 degrees Celsius, which makes the machine can not complete this command, so it has been hanging there, because the machine does not have a cooling function, can not make the temperature of the hot bed to 0 degrees Celsius, please set the temperature to room temperature or 26 degrees Celsius or 30 degrees Celsius
    2, can not disable 5VDC through the serial port

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