CR-10 S5 Feb 2021 Model Differences vs Older S5

  • I purchased an S5 in Feb 2021 and have been making the standard mods to improve performance. Some of the mods that are supposed to work on the S5 do not fit. Either the S5 has changed over time or many people are not testing the parts on an S5. For example, bed leveling knobs - the distance between the bed adjustment bolt and the frame is about 19mm on my printer. Gap between bed mounting plate and frame is about 10mm. Many of knobs listed to work with an S5 are much larger (>25mm radius).

    This makes me question every other mod and accessory available for the "S5". It looks like the extruder has changed also. I also suspect the hotend has evolved.

    Can someone tell us what the differences are for the S5 over it's product life?


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