Firmware 1.3.1 BLTouch (both versions v4.22 and v4.2.7) not deploying probe.

  • The newly released 1.3.1 BLTouch firmware does not deploy the probe ( red led solid no small blue led) in both versions standard (v4.2.2) and TMC2225 (v4.2.7) luckily i have already compiled a working 2.0.6BugFix for the v4.2.7 with BLTouch - but heads up YOUR firmware does not work and yes using the dedicated 5 pin BLTouch port with no z stop connected 2 pin port empty)

  • Dear @norskman, Re-plug the wiring between the probe and the mainboard, be sure to plug it in tightly. Use tweezers to tighten the Bltouch cable.
    Tighten the screw on the bl touch


    Dear, as we have so many emails every day, our after-sales team is trying their best to reply as soon as possible. If you have a question for the printer, it is recommended that you can have a post in our forum first, people will give you suggestions if they can, and I will follow your post everyday. If I can't solve your problems, I will ask for help to our engineer to give solutions. Thank you for your support.
    And for giving the best support to our customers, we are hiring for after-sales team, we now just have 5 people. We are try to be better than before. Thak you.

  • @SlackHacky Hi, may I know your question is? And your printer is Ender-3 v2?

  • Dear @norskman, which email address are you send to? Is it the I have sent your post to our after-sales team, and push them to have a quick reply. And please leave your email address, if they can't find your email, thank you.

  • Hi

    Could this be the same problem I have with my Ender 5 pro?

    The BL Touch never probes and the pin inn the BL touch does not respond to any command. this means the base plate raises up and then smashes into the nozzle. It never stops trying to raise. I have the 8 bit board fitted.

    Creality support:

    I have sent three emails - with videos and pictures and got no response whatsoever.

    I am so annoyed, that I am going on holiday this week.

    if I come back and its still not answered, I am going to sell my printer on Ebay for 1 uk Pound.

    Then go buy a Prusa.

    I like the Creality product, but to call the support team 'rubbish' would be a compliment. They are not that good. Couple that with the total lack of documentation and you have a disaster on your hands.

    Maybe I should have spent more and got better quality and support.....

  • @SlackHacky ok i see why now rather than release a 5 pin cable kit for ender 3 v2 you have ignored the bltouch port and used z stop and a adapter board ...... wow pretty poor ....

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