Issues with Autolevel

  • Hi There

    I got some Issues with my 3D Printer.
    I bought the Creality CR-20 Pro about 2 Days ago. Assembly was easy and after setting the Z-Offset, the first test Print (the Dog) was good. Although the test Print was good I have the issue that when i want to print my g-code which was sliced in the newest Cura version and loaded on a SD, the Nozzle is too high on the left side and too low on the right side of the bed. I found out that this problem should be solved using the Marlin Code G29 after G28 and/or M420 S1 at the Start, though this didn't solve the problem in my case. The Mesh Data generated was correct although it showed that the left side is ~0.5mm lower and the right side is ~0.5mm higher. Since the Auto-Level should correct this value (and the CR-20 Pro doesn't have anything installed to adjust the bed) I guessed this should be a software issue so I updated the firmware with the hex-file (firmware) from your website for the CR-20 Pro. This didn't help either.
    So my question is does anyone know how I can fix that? So i can finally do an accurate print without stopping the print cause the nozzle is running into the bed.

  • I know for the ender 3 pro because the BLtouch is beside the nozzle it basically levels the front and back and you've level the left and right

  • you never got a reply either, it seems creality doent support there product at all!! cant believe i bought junk from this company. never again, i will make sure to spread the word on every youtube video of creality i see