Print doesn't stick on the platform

  • Hey guys. I have a problem: The printed forms don't stick on the platform. First of all the stats: I use a Creality LD-002r. As a slicer I use Chitubox. My first test prints were quite successful. I could even print with a bottom layer count of 0. Then it started that the print did not stick on the platform, but on the bottom of the resin vat. Please see the attached picture. Generally: The printer is calibrated. Z=0. Clean resin, clean platform, and clean resin vat.
    So I tried again. In the end I am at bottom layer count of 8. Bottom exposure time of 50 sec. But the result is awful. Please see the pictures.
    Do I see it right, that the model may not be even and parallel to the platform, because the negative pressure between form and resin vat is higher than the stickiness on the platform?

    IMG_5894 - Kopie.JPG

  • Well, as I wrote: I calibrated the printer as you described it. And everything is more than clean. The exposure time is fine with 50 seconds. So that helps zero.

  • Dear @wildthinx

    Clean the platform, loosen the screws on top of the platform, drop the platform, press the platform with both hands to make the platform fit the screen, tighten the screws, leveling success, and then slightly enhance the exposure time, and then print

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