CR-20 Pro: at the end of each print, printer stucks

  • Hi Guys
    I'm experiencing an annoying problem: at the end of each print, the printer terminates correctly his job, parks itself in the predefined position (as per gcode instruction) then the screen freezes and pushing or twisting the knob doesn't produce any effect. The only way to get it back is turn off and on the power switch. When it came back, immediately asks if I want to Resume/Stop previous print. If I select Resume, nothing happen at all.

    When the printer hangs in this status, the display always shows 96% to 98% of the task even if the print is completely done. Sometimes it happen it terminates the print and didn't stuck, so the display shows 100% of the job and the duration time of the full print.

    The printer is brand new, with only one month of "life" and stock firmware v1.1.6BL_V3.1

    Does anyone have an idea what is going on?

    Thank you

  • Maybe I found the solution. In Ideamaker, under the printer templates, in the Advanced tab, I disabled both options under Data Files. Having a look to the manual, especially the second of the two options, may cause compatibility issue on third-party printers. Well, disabling that I succeed to print the calibration cube (31 min) without having the printer hangs at the end of the print. The same cube yesterday caused the printer to stuck at the end of the print

  • After some tests, it sounds the culprit is the Slicer 😞
    I'm using ideamaker and discovered that for prints above 30 min the problem shows up. Same print with Slic3r didn't rise the issue

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