Creality Am I The Only One?

  • I am backer 1895 in the Kickstarter setup by Creality last year.
    I have not had my 3D printer delivered although it has been promised many times.
    Is anyone else waiting for theirs or am I the only one?
    I was also offered my money back but I wanted the printer that is why I backed them in the startup.
    I am still waiting. They took my money in June 2020, then insisted I paid p&p which I did, still nothing.
    Creality I want my printer or I want my money back so I can buy one on Amazon.
    I await your reply.

  • From what I know you can get a refund through your backer report, isn't that right?

  • you wait a lot. the firm is not a good company. I am in the same situation.

  • Not cool.

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