6 SE hammers into bed on auto level and no heat on bed or nozzle.

  • When I press auto level, the nozzle starts hammering into the bed.

    If I try to set any heat levels it fails with following as an image on the display.

    Heating Failed!
    Cycle power! Target temperature was not met on nozzle or bed soon enough. Inspect and verify ambient conditions are suitable for .

  • Have you tried to update the firmware? This happens when you install the firmware for the wrong motherboard version onto your machine. Try re-flashing the firmware that matches your motherboard version 4.5.2 or 4.5.3...it is labelled on the motherboard if you take off the cover (4 screws, one on top and 3 on bottom).

    This also randomly happened to me once after I cancelled a print that came unstuck from the build plate, I also had to re-flash the firmware to the latest one again. Good news is that in both cases (installed the wrong firmware and after cancelling the print) the printer went back to normal after I re-flashed the firmware.

    One more note, for some reason it seems to help if you rename the firware file to something simple like "firmware1.bin" instead of the crazy file name that comes with it. It didn't want to recognize it one time with the as-downloaded file name from Creality.

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