Ender-6 update screen firmware

  • Hi, I am trying to update a custom screen firmware with some changes in the .BMP files but when I try to flash the firmware from the SD card it just doesn't work and boot up normally.

    Am I doing something wrong?, I format the SD with a FAT 32 / 4KB, I copy the modified DWIN_SET, I plug the SD card in the printer, I switch it on, and It boots up normally and nothing actually change.

    Anybody knows what am I doing wrong? Thank you.

  • I found the solution, what you have to do is disarm the screen, and you will find a micro sd slot, there it is where you must apply this process, and I agree with you, Creality should give us instructions of how to install their firmwares

  • I am in the same boat. I find it insane that @Creality just dumps a bunch of files with no instructions how to do the updates. The firmware update, I get it but there is clearly something specific you have to do to update the Screen Firmware. Since the screen is a separate module, I would not be surprised if you have to open it up from the inside. But what do I know there are no instructions.

    @Creality if you want Ender-6 to be a success please provide documentation for it.

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