Ender 5 pro not turning on??

  • Bought the ender 5 pro, built it, and it doesn't turn on, no sounds, nothing. Triple checked all of the cables, still nothing. Also checked the fuse,, and the outlets,, and tried a different power cord..
    Anyone know what it could be?

  • @Lyxen About this question, could you send your problem about Ender-5 Pro to the cs@creality.com, our professional team will give you a good solution ASAP.
    Thanks for your question.

  • I'm sure by now you figured this out but for others that see this I thought it would be good to answer. When receiving your new Ender 5 Pro there is a red power switch for 115V/230V . It will need to be switched over to the 115V for the United States.

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