What is the content of the U Disk? Missing in the package.

  • Hi!
    I bought an LD-002H and the U Disk is missing from the packaging.

    What is its content and where can I download it? So I can use it in another pen drive.

    Thank you!

  • What is its content

    Nothing of importance. An outdated version of Chitubox (the latest version is a download away at https://www.chitubox.com/en/download/chitubox-free), two examples (sphere and Eiffel tower), a minimal user manual (which you have received in printed form), a short video (same as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1amXAoSXlY), which seems to contain bad advice because they level without a piece of paper under the platform at 1:09 into the video and a "Common Hardware Faults" document (2 pages). Since the original stick sticks out and looks exceedingly ugly, I use a Sandisk Ultra Fit 16GB instead, which is small, black and hardly noticeable. You need to download a 3D CAD program to create parts (https://www.freecadweb.org/downloads.php is nice but watch some youtube tutorials) and you need the afore-mentioned slicer Chitubox, to convert the stl files created by the CAD program to files that the printer understands. That's all.

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