Bed calibration

  • Hello all, Just got my CR-10 Max printer, I am totally new into the 3D printing. I assemble the unit and try my first shut for calibration process. of the table. I watch several time the video and carefully when through the process. I must do something wrong because the table on the Y axe the table run up to the end of the frame and the motors keeps running like spinning against the frame. Anyone has an idea of what I am doing wrong?

  • @Alaingg1
    have you verified your slicer bed dimensions settings? ..and that fit with your bed/table working space??

  • @Alaingg1
    I don't have the same model mine is a CP-01 and Creality seem to be totally ignoring the existence of this printer it is not on any of their menus or listed in any software. Having said that I had a similar problem and it was caused by the microswitch limit switches not being set at shipping you have to set them up yourself. Set your print table about half way down on the springs then manually move the head down until it is on the table, then move the microswitch up until it clicks, tighten up the screws move the table down to the maximum position just in case things are wrong then home the head and go through the table setup process. It seems the bottom position is taken from the switch the same with X and Y maximum positions. Then as long as you have the sizes set up ok in the slicer it should be OK......Well it fixed my problems. Creality are hopeless on their documentation I suspect they don't have anybody who actually speaks English and are using a software interpreter to create the manuals hence the poor translation.

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