Bltouch flashing red!

  • I installed my bltouch and I installed the firmware it started out perfect it did 13 measures then it started flashing red. I checked the wiring and installed another known working bltouch even with the known working bltouch it is still flashing red. Any help would be greatly appreciated if I can't get this working I will send it back for a refund.

  • @modsolution I'm pretty new to the hobby but as I understand it the BLTouch flashes when the probe detects an anomaly.

    Try adjusting the screw located on the top of the cartridge surrounding the hot end above the BLTouch. Tightening it will raise the screw to create additional distance between itself and the magnet located on the top of the BLTouch. Loosening it will cause the opposite to occur.

    If the screw is too loose the magent will stick too much. If the screw is too tight it won't stick enough. In either case the BLTouch will fault and flash.

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