BL touch system issues

  • Hello everyone. I just got an ender 3 pro. And installed the BL touch system and installed the firmware. My issue is it won’t look for z and keeps telling me to set it. Every time I offset it and then go to auto home it tries then the z axis decided to increase in distance. Is there a fix for this?

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  • @hart-auto I have the Ender 3 V2 but expect the 3 Pro is similar.
    On power up the BL Touch should pop out a few times as a self test and be lit up red. Auto home should home X, Y then Z. X & Y home as before but the Z now homes using the BL Touch & not the old switch (which should be removed). On mine after X&Y are homed they are centred then Z increases a little (to allow for the BL touch probe to miss the bed in case it was left very low). Then the BL Touch sensor pops out and the red light goes out. The carriage then lowers until the bed is sensed and the red light comes back on. Then the carriage raises and repeats a second time but lowering the carriage at a slower rate for better accuracy.
    At what point does your printer not follow these steps?

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