initial print with CR10S Pro

  • Hi, we just purchased one of these and went though the manual leveling exercise, then the auto-leveling. We used Cura to do the slicing, and it was set to correct printer, with generic PETG as the filament setting.

    The printer tries to do a test print, but the nozzle is too high and the first layer does not stick at all. I was expecting the printer to automatically set the correct nozzle height, but there seems to be an error somewhere.

    Any ideas? We already have another 3D printer, so I'm not a complete noob.

    Tks, AB

  • @loggerman I had the same problem when I started using Cura. The first layer wouldn't stick at all. Look at the Cura Settings for "First Layer Height". You may have to open the settings to view the First Layer Height. You should change it to your desired height. The default height is always higher than what you want.

    Happy Printing.

  • ok 12344767

  • ABL is so bad.. dont use ABL... and check Z ..

  • @loggerman Did you set up the Z-Offset before printing?

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