Need help with my ender 3 v2 printer

  • Hi I am having trouble with my ender 3 v2 3d printer.
    Every time I start a print about 2 minutes in the interface will freeze and the machine is still running but obviously not printing. The printer is brand new and only bought it 2 days ago it has been set up correctly and I have still not been able to print anything, please help

  • @METUNGMAX i would also check that everything is properly grounded. Poor grounding will allow the rf interference generated by the stepper motors to mess with the displayinstead of being shunted to ground. While my ender 3 pro was printing the display would flip back and forth between different menus. After checking continuity between the various components and the frame i found that everything except the main board was isolated from ground.

  • @METUNGMAX Could be a thermal issue or loose connection. Try checking everything is properly connected and open up the bottom panel access to the controller board and make sure the fan is running & not in contact with any wires when you put it back together again.

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