4.2.7 board problems

  • I just attempted to upgrade my ender 3 pro to the V4.2.7 32 bit board and add a BL touch, i flashed new firmware onto it and ran a test print before attemtping to add bl touch fuctionality using the marlin 2.0.x bugfix branch, now the printer wont run under its own power, the lcd flashes blue before going back to black and the hotend fan turns on, i cannot flash new firmware and it will not display anything if connected to octoprint nor will the printer communicate to the octoprint. i have the bltouch with a 5pin connector rather than the seperate 3 and 2 pin connectors ive seen from tutorials.

    im willing to try just about anything as the board doesnt seem to be fried and i didnt find any shorts on any of the cables

  • @Frank same updated my Ender 5 with old silent .1.1.4 .silent lol. Bought new silent 4.2.7 direct replacement for ender 3 and 5 :). I've finally got working with old 4.2.7 firmware but had to swap 1-2 3-4 on filement stepper as was going backwards but how to level bed is a pain now .orderd bl touch just eating see if any better with newer firmware. These a lot of chat on Reddit complaining of crealitys firmware being wrong .going try complie marlin

  • I recently did the same thing, I replaced the mother board with a 4.2.7 version board and still having issues.
    I downloaded the Creality software and I am lost from here! Can anyone advise this novice on how to download apply the new correct software???

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