New Ender-3 - Having Problems

  • I recently got an Ender-3 for the larger build volume. I'm still largely a beginner with 3D printing, but have been using a Snapmaker without any meaningful problems. I was able to print the test dog in Ender-3 without problems. I am having issues processing my personal files utilizing the larger volume (about 180 mm max dimension, X in this case).

    1. The build plate/sheet seems to not be ideal, to put it politely. I think the plate is fine. The sheet that came with it is not magnetic, not a sticker, or glass. It seems intended to be held in place with binder clips. I level the corners carefully, but the middle always stays springy. So when I start printing, I get a pretty good initial layer on one side of the build plate, but on the other side it's much too thin, looking almost like water. And no matter how many times I level at the corners, I can't seem to account for the "bubble" in the sheet and get a good surface for a larger build volume.

    2. I'm slicing in Cura 4.7 and I set initial layer temperature to 210, print temp to 200, and build plate to 50. But it seems like the nozzle temperature never is saved in the file. So I have to set it manually.

    3. Any suggestions on feeding the spool? This I seem to have noticed is an issue on the Ender-3 and eventually I'll probably need to modify this somehow. But in the one print I got going a little bit, I lost because of a spool feed issue.

  • Dear @ESzczesniak, It is recommended to adjust the printing speed to 20 after printing, and adjust the distance between the nozzle and the platform through the leveling nut at the bottom of the platform.

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