Ender 3 V2 New Firmware Version

  • A new firmware version has been released for the Ender 3 V2 with BLTouch and filament detection. The firmware was released on 26 Mar 2021.Has anyone installed this? If so does it work properly? Second question is I have a BLTouch but no filament sensor. How does one edit this for BLTouch only as there is no source file?

  • @kaciker as the cheap blue light sensors are always reporting no filament when you have filament in them, then you should not be able to print. you will need to take a soldering iron to the sensor to fix it. The filament sensor only activates when you are printing. Try printing with the sensor connected but do not put the filament in it, when the printing starts, press the switch lever, it should now pause the print. The fact the blue light comes on dow mean that the S has been connected to LOW so now it thinks there is no filament

  • @moki to your question. It is effectivly disabled by not having a sensor plugged into it.

  • It is enabled.
    The filament sensor is same logic as the Z-endstop.
    Active LOW (no filament).
    Inactive: floating (filament present)

    I tested the S pin and it has internal pull up 3.3v HIGH state activated in firmware. This means that without a sensor it will never trigger so can be permanently enabled. To trigger the filament runout you must connect S to G.

    I did test with a cheap blue light sensor but that was Active floating (no filament) and Inactive LOW (filament present) so immediatly triggered runout when starting a print. I am upgrading to the 4.2.7 board in the next day so I have not tested properly with correctly modified sensor (must soldering iron the cheap blue light runout sensors to get correct logic states).

    IMPORTANT!! Correct board connector wiring below, verified many times to ensure correctness. All the images/diagrams I found on the web showed S and V wrong way round. Damage will occur to the board if S and V are swapped when using the cheap blue light sensors. In fact, you should probably remove the V (red) wire from the connector to ensure you cannot short it to G.

    It is safe to connect S to V or S to G
    You must NOT connect G to V ,, which WILL happen if you swap the wires round on the cheap blue light sensors.

    I have also some reports of the cheap blue light sensors coming with incorrectly wired cables too, so check, check and check again.

    S(ense) is the pin closest to power and bed heater power cables. I will call it Pin 1 .
    G(round) is the middle pin (pin 2).
    V(cc 3.3V) high current!! (pin 3)

    Again..... while your playing with the wiring be very careful not to short V to G or the magic smoke let out you will.

    I have created an image showing the correct connector and wirng for 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 filament sensor connectors below.


  • I have the same issue, don't know how to enable the filament sensor.....

  • Hello

    I UPdated to this version my Ender3v2 v4.2.2.
    BLtpuch is working properly. I have filament sensor, but it is not working
    There are some thing to do to activate it ?

    the led blue is on wen the filament is inside, but nothing happends when the filament is out (led off). I suppose that I need to activate it, but where ??

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