updated firmware blank screen help!!

  • Hello, Just finished assembling my brand new Ender 3 v2, I got it in June but had surgery and some health issues that kept me from touching until now. Everything I had read and heard had said that the early models had firmware issues, mine was version .9 so I downloaded
    Ender-3 V2_32bit_ 2.0.1V Latest Firmware_0814.rar and updated it. Now the screen is blank. I renamed the file firmware.bin, I tried again with firmware1.bin, downloaded a fresh copy, I formatted the sd card, I read a post on this forum that said you didn't have to rename it you just had to put the file in a blank sd card, nothing. please help.

  • Dear @MightyTim, you need to upgrade the firmware again.
    Ender-3 V2(2).zip
    Refresh the display firmware tutorial, format the sd card, copy the display firmware to the sd card, and then insert the sd card into the card slot of the display, the display will automatically refresh the firmware, and the orange display indicates that the refresh is successful

  • Dear @MightyTim, I suggest you refresh this firmware again
    Ender-3 V2(2).zip

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