New Ender 3 V2 belt alignment

  • Hi, just bought a new Ender 3 V2, received it Monday, and havent even started assembling it yet. I have been watching videos and reading up on how best to start putting it together. I have been doing some pre-assembly checking, eccentric nut adjustment, screw tightness on the base, etc. and was checking the Y-Axis belt tension. I noticed that when the bed is moved by hand, the belt walks to the right side of the front pully and stays there. I move the belt back to the middle, move the bed and again it walks to the right side. I have loosened the tension, tightened the tension and set it to proper tension with no help. I even took the belt tensioner apart and put back together to see if I could see anything, but still not helping.
    I have not tried printing anything yet, like I said, I havent even put it together yet, but was afraid it might interfere with printing down the road. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
    Thank you.

  • @UncleDaddySwiss Unless it is slipping off the roll, it shouldn't affect the print quality. I've printed about 20 projects since I have the Ender 3 V2, with the Y belt leaning towards the right side of the tensioner roll, and I've never had a problem because of the belt.

  • New user here with a new Ender 3 V2. For some reason I have the same situation with the Y-axis. Seems like there is no way to adjust alignment. At least in my case it does not seem to affect the printing results.

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