Help with ender 3 max extruder??

  • I recently bought the ender 3 max and it's printing amazing except it's feeding to hard.. I say this because when I print anything that is longer than say 15 minutes the extruder motor starts popping and I can see it getting forced in reverse for a split second and I can tell it's not during a normal reversal motion so I am new to 3d printers and haven't found what to change to fix this issue?? I turned the Esteps down from 98.0 to 85.0 and still the same thing.. I also tried a slightly warmer temperature but doesn't help?? I don't want to hurt the machine so I am frantically trying to figure this out so any and ALL help is greatly appreciated ❤

  • i had this happen when i bought my ender 3 max "my first 3d printer" and discovered that I did not level the bed correctly leveled forcing the print nosel too close to the bed not allowing the plastic to extrude properly, what material were you printing pla, abs, petg? if your printing a higher temp plastic like abs and petg those plastics are prone to warping and after 15 min of printing you may have had the print warp and mess with the distance from print nossel to the print causing the filament to start skipping

  • @jmgerard hi, from your description, you can try the follow methods:

    1. First check whether the printing temperature is normal (PLA: 200±5℃; ABS: 250±5℃), whether your filaments are damp or damaged.

    2. Check whether the fan of the nozzle runs normally. If the fan does not run, the heat dissipation may not be timely, resulting in clogging.

    3. Check whether the extrusion clip is broken and whether the extrusion motor rotates normally. If it does not rotate, it shall be dealt with as the motor problem. Please refer to this video:

    4. If the first layer printing plugs, consider whether the nozzle is too close to the nozzle. You can try leveling it again, you can refer to this video from 2: 50

  • I just got the Ender 3 Max with the 4.2.2 board. I keep getting Hotend Clogging. I can push filament out of the hotend to test. When I go to print a little bit comes out in the Priming phase but nothing will come out of the hotend during printing. I tried adjusting the tension on the spring for the Gear extruder but that does not make any difference.

  • You can try to increase printing temperature.

    The extruder is one of the weak points of this printer. As my Ender 3 Max has the same problem, I have ordered a Titan Extruder clone. (This fixed the same problem on my Biqu B1.)