not your run of the mill bltouch issues

  • so i cancel a print, then go to start a new print and suddenly it doesnt want to home. X will home, Y will home, the hotend will then move to the center of the bed.

    this is where it starts to get screwy.

    instead of the bed coming up and the bltouch doing its thing, the bed moves down, then the bltouch extends its needle, then the bed moves down again. it does this 2-3 times and then it just sits there while the progress bar moves.

    what have i done about this you may ask? everything hardware/firmware related. i traced the wires back to the board, no issues, it still is doing its thing. i REPLACED the bltouch, still doing its weird thing. the bltouch NEVER FLASHES RED, im not sure what to do. this is a big and expensive thing to be useful as a paperweight

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