first printing. What went wrong?

  • This is my first printing wit the ender 3. I made an obj file in blender, imported it to cura, sliced it, the preview worked perfect, exported it to the flash drive, bed leveled the printer, inserted the filament, choose file and then started printing. I left my window open for ventilation (kinda windy today) and left the room. Came back to this. (the model had subsurf and boolean modifier applied). The temperatures were 200 celsius for the nosle and 50 for the bed, didnt change any settings in cura. What went wrong?


  • Try Lowering the head closer to the bed, and check the G-Code in your slicer. best advice i can give.

  • I always keep the print bed at a minimum of 60 even with PLA. Sunlu PLA suggest a heated print bed. I would use a brim and heat the bed to 60. Watch the brim and adjust your Z offset to make sure you are printing close enough to the bed.

  • @madDad411 i leveled the bed using a piece of paper adjusted a few settings in the g code and its doing 100% better. had to go into advanced settings added brim and support type touching build plate no more worms.

  • I have the same problem. it doesnt stick to the surface it just gets pushed around very easily. maybe the base isnt getting to the right temp? also i cant calibrate my rpinter useing the software it says cant connect to printer. how do i connect computer to printer?

  • I guess you could learn from the issues I face here:
    My first idea looking at your picture would be Z-offset / bed leveling not correct (nozzle too high).
    When I do my bed level adjustment I used a sheet of paper and I can just about pull it out between bed and nozzle

  • @PaulosK Ventilation might be good for your health, but for the print it increases the risk of detachment. That's the reason why for certain plastics, like ABS, you need an enclosure for the printer. If you really have to keep the window open, because there is always someone in the room, try printing with a brim around the base: it helps a lot preventing the warping and the subsequent detachment of the model.

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