Bltouch installation and maybe Brick

  • I follow the Creality process in Youtube for installing the bltouch but when SD card is inserted with firmware and rebooting the machine the printer doesn't boot and the screen is freezing in the start point.

    Does anybody help me with this issue?

  • @xbarbellido cool, happy to hear, thanks for the feedback.

    @dman good point too. I suspect that may have more to do with too-long filenames though, than an actual required filename.

  • @telephasic solved. The problem was in a not fresh format.

  • The trick that did it to me was the new firmware files needs to be called "firmware.bin".

  • @xbarbellido
    I guess you mean this one
    A few things that might be important

    • don't use a huge SD card. I think up to 32GB is supported, but recommend 8GB or 16GB
    • fresh format FAT32, don't put anything else on the card
    • only copy the .bin file to the card
    • get firmware direct from creality
      At time of writing the latest is "Ender-6 _32bit V1.0.4.9-BLTouch"
    • turn off printer, insert card, turn on printer, let it finish and show the menu
    • remove card, delete the .bin file
    • to save BL Touch measurements, need to keep an SD card in the slot (can use the same one). settings will get saved in file eeprom.dat
    • unplug stock Z end-stop
    • when BL Touch is correctly installed, it will light up and click out and in a couple times as the progress bar is loading on the screen
    • you can see if your firmware is working at all by starting the printer with BL Touch completely unplugged. the menu should still load, but turn it off right after! don't let it home since you have no Z end-stop. if the problem is only when plugged in, then the cause is your wiring. this is an easy check to start with

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