Heating Failed Bed level

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    As you can see from the pictures my heating sensor on the bed has stopped working.
    The bed gets hot but it still shows the incorrect temperature. I have tried unplugging the white cables inside the printer but it does nothing to the temperature reading.

    Any advice as what to do?

    Kinds regards


  • Dear @DanielN

    The source of the problem is in the power cord and motherboard, suggest you contact our after-sales support team.

    In order to better serve our users and solve their after-sales problems in a timely manner,
    our technical team has created an official after-sales platform:

    For after-sales issues with Creality products, please move to the official after-sales channel, where we have the professional after-sales staff to deal with your after-sales issues in real-time.

    Below is the official after-sales channel portal, if you have any after-sales issues, please contact us on this platform. Thank you for your support.


  • Thermistors change resistance with temperature (either up or down with heat, depending on type). If you have an ohm meter you could monitor the resistance on the thermistor as the heater engages and starts heating. If the resistance doesn't change, something happened to the thermistor wiring (very unlikely that the device itself went bad).

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