LD-002H Wobbly turn screw tower

  • Not sure if that's what it is called, but the metal tower that holds the turn screw that raises and lowers the build plate. The tower has a lot of give to it. Meaning I can wiggle the tower back and forth. Should it have that much give? Is there a way to fix that? To tighten it down so it's not so loose? I've only had the printer a little over a week. I'm getting a lot of horizontal lines in my prints.

  • Meaning I can wiggle the tower back and forth. Should it have that much give?

    No, mine has no give at all. It is rock-solid. Your problem seems to be a somewhat common issues with resin printers from China (screws that hold the z-arm getting loose during a long transport). You have to tighten the relevant screws. I don't know where those are on the LD-002H. Other forums suggets to open a door on the back to get access but mine doesn't have one. They might mean a door on the bottom. Didn't check, dont' have this problem.


  • The lead screw on my machine was slightly bent out of the box so the screw wobbles around at the top when it moves the Z-Axis up and down. I wasn't happy about it because there is no way it got bent in transit, it got through quality control at the factory. If that's what you're seeing it shouldn't be too much of a problem. If the entire linear guide rail is moving, then it would cause problems with the print because the platform would move around as the print progresses.

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