Leveling issue help

  • I am having an issue with levelling my stock Ender 3 V2. I have followed several different tutorials and I am able to get it fairly level to the point that I can print in the middle 6-7 cm of the bed.

    The issue is that the top left and bottom right corners are slightly higher than the top right and bottom left corners (basically the bed seems to be slightly curved as diagonal corners are equal, but one pair of diagonals is lower than the other pair) and I am unable to correct this with the adjustment knobs.

    Trying to raise the low corners doesn't work because the springs are held down by the adjacent corners, and the knobs just loosen without raising the bed. Trying to lower the high corners doesn't work because doing so pulls the other corners down as well making them too low.

    Any suggestions for how to fix this? Is my bed just bent and I need a new one to be able to utilize the full area?

    Some more info: I've also confirmed through measurement in several positions that the x gantry is within 1mm on both ends, and the z supports are at 90 degrees to the frame. is there anything else I should check that might be contributing?

  • To follow up on this for anyone it may help:

    I ended up purchasing a new piece of 4040 VSlot extrusion and fabricating a new Y axis. After installing the new y axis I have no issues leveling the bed. The Y axis extrusion that came with my printer is definitely twisted and makes leveling extremely difficult.

    If you have extreme difficulty leveling i recommend checking your Y axis extrusion.

  • @admin Thank you for the reply. I have thoroughly checked other aspects of the assembly. I've spent over a week already trying to correct this issue. The Y axis extrusion is visibly and measurably twisted. I measured both on and off the machine with a precision level and there is a whole degree of variation between the ends of the extrusion. This twist causes the build plate (which rides on the Y axis extrusion) to tilt as it moves in the Y direction. One degree of tilt introduces several millimeters of movement on the edges of the build plate.

    Is there a way to obtain a Y axis extrusion that is not twisted?

  • Dear @Lexcon-Thirteen

    It may be a bent platform or machine assembly problems, it is recommended to try to replace a platform and try to print, or check whether the X-axis assembly error

  • To follow up on this; I now strongly believe that the Y axis aluminum extrusion is twisted on my printer (when measuring with a precision level on top of the extrusion the front of the extrusion is almost 1 whole degree different from the rear). This translates to several mm of variation on the corners of the bed. It can't be corrected with the levelling knobs.

    @admin do I have any options for getting a new Y axis extrusion? This is a brand new Ender 3 v2. It's basically unusable except for a small area in the center of the bed.

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