Newbie Need Help

  • I bought Ender 3 pro. Assembled it and all looks well (I think) trying to level bed by watching you tube video. First problem is I select auto home everything moves to the fwd left corner but it seems not to go down near bed (most time up a little) then it moves to the center of bed still well above bed.

  • IF you have not found it already, you probably want to view some videos about setting -Z offset. Some say you set it to Press the peice of A4 paper so it wont move. I found to set it so it just touches the A4 paper. You should preheat before setting the Z offset too, mine changes by over 1mm from cold to hot, and will not print (prints mid air) if Z offset is set without pre heating.

  • Dear @OldMan

    Turn the knob below the hotbed for leveling

  • try to move it to the spot you want and select "set home offsets", if not that, then check the g-code in your slicer.

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