Bed Heat Reboots Machine

  • I just finished building two new E5 Pro units. Both exhibit the same behavior - about 2 seconds after bed heat is applied (either through Control or Prepare menu) the controller roboots. This sets the heat setting back to zero.

    The nozzle heats up fine but as soon as I attempt to heat the bed, the reboot occurs and the nozzle heat gets set back to zero.

    I swapped the beds between the machines. I've double checked wiring. I can't help but think I've done something wrong. Two units doing the same thing.... Hmm.

    As a side favor, could someone point me to where the manual lives? I've looked all over the site and can't locate it. Feeling kind of dumb now.

  • @Chisel Have you got the correct input voltage set on the power supply 110 / 240? Also check all power cables are tight to and from the controller. Expect there's a few reasons this could be happening. After it restarts has the bed temp increased at all?

  • Dear @Chisel

    When only heating nozzle whether this problem will occur, if it will please check whether the heating block or thermistor damage, if not please try to heat the hotbed alone, if the above problem happen, maybe a problem with the heating function of the hotbed, check the line

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