Cant import Cat or dog gcode that come with my ender 3 pro!

  • Hi,

    So im trying to get the same quality of print as i get with the cat and the dog gcode that is delivered with my ender 3 pro's sd-card. However, when i'm trying to import the gcode into cura or the creality slicer it doesnt work.
    I get this message "No custom profile to import in file E:/cat-3.5H.gcode"

    Ive searched online for answers or other gcode files that could help me but nothing works. many ppl are having problems with this.

    All i want is to copy the setting so i can use them on my other prints to get the same quality. I dont really need the exact gcode. i just need the exact settings of the cat zo i can manually type them in my slicer program to see if the quality of my prints will improve.

    So as the file came with the printer i thought why not try here 🙂
    Does anyone have these settings? even just as printscreen or so?

    Kinda sad to know ur printer can print that quality only to watch ur own prints be less than that 😞
    thnx in advance.

  • @Aeroxx_creative said in Cant import Cat or dog gcode that come with my ender 3 pro!:

    ...I just opend the gcode in wordpad so i'm gonna try and see what i can get out of it...

    Yes, I'm afraid if Creality are unable (or unwilling) to publish the original .stl files for these print examples, you just have to jump on the net and do some detective work. I was surprised that the bed temp was only 45'C, but as the cat is printed on a raft it doesn't seem to be a problem.

    This gCode look-up may be of some use:

    There are a number of gCode analysers on the net which you may find this one;
    Just drag your gCode to the site and it may show something interesting (looks like the Prints Speed is about 60mm/s and Travel Speed is about 80mm/s).
    Whereas the default speed in the Cat gCode is 4200, which is mm/min, so divide by 60 and this is 70mm/s.

    With your own prints, it may be worth slowing down the print speed to see if this gives any improvement.

    I'm also a very new Creality user (CR-10-V3) and having similar quality issues, and I'm documenting some of my experiences here: printer

  • Thank u all for the response.

    The fillament i use for the cat and my other prints are the same pla roll so its not the fillament thats the problem.
    the differense in quallity is to big for that.

    I just opend the gcode in wordpad so i'm gonna try and see what i can get out of it.
    Thnx for the tip 😊

    I'll get there eventually 🤞

  • @Aeroxx_creative
    Although you can't import the gCode, you can open the file using a 'text editor' and read the header and/or translate the gcode instructions.
    These are just a few extracts from the Cat gCode:-
    ; printMaterial,PLA
    ; printQuality,High
    ; layerHeight,0.1
    ; useRaft,1
    ; infillPercentage,15

    M140 S45 ;bed temp =45'C
    M190 S45
    M104 S200 T0 ;nozzle temp = 200'C

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi, Another perhaps major thing effecting the print quality is the filament. Did you succeed with the demo filament that came with your printer? It would be nice to know exactly what filament that is. At least my best prints were produced with the sample filament that came with the printer!

  • Dear @Aeroxx_creative

    There is no way to get the slicing parameters directly from the Gcode questionnaire, but you can try to set them as shown in the picture


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